Advantages of Double Hung Windows

Advantages of Double Hung Windows


There’s a reason why double-hung windows are among the most popular type found in American homes. In fact, there are actually six reasons why this type of window is so popular with homeowners all across the country.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the top benefits of double-hung windows and why they’re a solid choice, no matter what type of home you own.

#1: Double-Hung Windows Have Classic Appeal

Double-hung windows are a rarity in that they look great on just about any type of architecture. They can also be manufactured in a range of different sizes, colors, styles, and finishes, which helps them complement any home even further. So, whether your home is contemporary or traditional, this type of window is always an aesthetically pleasing choice.

#2: Double-Hung Windows Are Energy Efficient

A double-hung window allows you to take advantage of the very best in energy-efficient technologies. They can be made using Low-E glass with gas fill for the optimum in heat reflection and insulation. Plus, this type of window allows a generous amount of natural light into the room. The energy savings these windows provide are among the most popular benefits of double-hung windows.

#3: Double-Hung Windows Are Very Low Maintenance

Few windows offer maintenance needs as easy as double-hung windows. This type of window is very easy to clean because it usually features tilt-out sashes that make cleaning the glass on both sides of the window easier from inside your home. Other than regular cleaning, the only other thing you have to do from time to time, is to make sure that all moving parts are well-lubricated.

#4: Double-Hung Windows Offer Excellent Ventilation

Great ventilation is one of the most common reasons why people love double-hung windows. Because you can open both the top and bottom sashes, you have the utmost control over how much air gets in. And, because you can open the bottom sash to allow fresh air in and the top sash to let warm air out, you can even keep your home cooler and more comfortable without relying on the air conditioner as much.

#5: Double-Hung Windows Are Very Accommodating

Double-hung windows offer the best in flexibility because they can easily accommodate a window air conditioner or screen. Since the sashes move up and down, they can safely secure a heavy window air conditioner better than any other type of window.

#6: Double-Hung Windows Are Safe

Unlike windows that crank out or project outwards, double-hung windows remain flat against the side of the home when open. This eliminates the risk of someone accidentally hitting the window, which can result in injury and/or damage to the window. This makes this type of window ideal on parts of the home where walkways, decks, and patios exist. Plus, these windows are fully lockable, which makes them an effective burglar repellant.

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