Best Replacement Windows

Best Replacement Windows

Replacing old windows can have an immediate and sometimes dramatic effect on your home, inside and out. By choosing the best replacement windows you can get, your home will be quieter, more comfortable, more energy efficient, and better looking from the curb.

Choosing Replacement Windows

As for which replacement windows are the best, the answer can be as varied as the customer. Every homeowner’s home and needs are different, so the perfect windows for you may be different than the perfect windows for your neighbor. But there are some basic things you should take into consideration when shopping for the best replacement windows.

4 Features to Look for in Top-Rated Windows

When it comes to choosing replacement windows, you will find they come in an array of prices. But it’s important to remember that just because a window is expensive, doesn’t mean that it is the very best quality you can buy. To ensure you’re getting the best replacement windows, you should look for the following features in the windows you are considering, and make decisions based on your unique location and needs.

Cladding: Modern wood-framed windows are typically clad in aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass, but wood cladding is still popular among some homeowners. Vinyl and fiberglass are among the most popular types of cladding because they protect the wood from the elements, and give the window a nice, low-maintenance finish.

If you have a window with wood cladding, then you will need to paint or stain the wood to protect it from the elements, but some prefer the more natural look. Choosing aluminum-clad windows depends on where you live. In the Northeast, aluminum is not ideal because it doesn’t insulate as well as the other materials, but it is a good choice in southern states because it conducts heat out of the frame.

Glazing: Glazing is used on windows with more than one pane of glass. For instance, double-glazed windows have a space between the two panes of glass that’s filled with air or argon gas, and then sealed. This is designed to slow heat transfer through the window. Triple-glazing, on the other hand, adds a third pane of glass, so the window has two spaces filled with air or gas.

Typically, choosing between double-glazed and triple-glazed windows involves one’s noise reduction needs and not energy savings, because while energy savings are improved with triple-glazing, many don’t see the benefit as justifying the cost increase. The most common reasons to choose triple-glazed windows is for their increased noise reduction, such as may be useful for those living near a highway or airport, and for their insulative properties if you live in an extremely cold climate.

Low-E Coating: Low-emissivity, or low-E, coatings are transparent and designed to improve the efficiency of the glass. The coating does this by reflecting the sun’s heat while letting its light in. Depending on where you live, the coating may be applied to the inside or outside of the glass.

For instance, in warm climates, the coating is applied to the exterior side of the glass to reflect the sun’s heat out. In cold climates, the coating is applied to the interior side of the glass, so it can keep the heat inside the home. It is important to remember that even though the coating is transparent, it still takes a little away from the window’s true clarity.

Tilt-In Sashes: Tilt-in sashes are common features on modern windows, but not all brands have them. The sash is the part of the window that moves. With tilt-in sashes, cleaning the exterior of the windows is easy and doesn’t require the use of a ladder.

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