The Benefits of Installing Windows in the Summertime

The Benefits of Installing Windows in the Summertime

If you’re ready to replace your windows, you don’t have to wait for a particular season. Thompson Creek can install windows yearround. But many clients do have a favorite season for renovations, with summer being popular. One reason is that it’s warm and you don’t have to worry about cold drafts as windows are replaced. Certain summer windows also increase energy efficiency, helping reduce your utility costs. 

In a good year, the Mid-Atlantic region experiences three months of summer, from June to August. These months provide warm weather, which can make installation processes easier and more comfortable. During the winter months, you have to contend with potential ice and frigid temperatures that can impact installation timelines. In addition to potentially delayed construction, you might also expose your home to unpredictable natural elements.  

The pros at Thompson Creek can handle these challenges for you, and changing seasons don’t keep them from completely high-quality window installation. But if you’re eyeing summer as the season to make changes to your home, find out more below about summertime window installation. 

Installing Summer Windows in June 

You might want summer windows in place before the height of the season because intense sunlight can increase your energy bill. If the windows in your home are single pane, consider replacing them at the beginning of the summer so new energy efficient options can be utilized throughout the summer months. Our energy-efficient windows reduce heat transfer. 

Installing Summer Windows in August 

The end of summer leading into fall is a great time to replace your home windows. The change of weather can bring high winds and falling tree branches, which can bring further damage to already cracked or broken windows. If you’ve been waiting to replace and renovate your windows and you’re unsure how durable they are, you might want to replace your existing windows before fall begins. 

Best Types of Summer Windows 

Low-E Glass Windows 

Many new windows include extra built-in features that help prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home and causing sun damage to your furniture, chairs, and carpet. Low-E glass helps reduce infrared and ultraviolet light from entering your home without minimizing the amount of light that enters your home.  

Double Hung Windows 

Thompson Creek has been innovating in home design and sustainable engineering for over 40 years. We think that double-hung windows are one of the best types of windows for summers in the Mid-Atlantic weather. These types of windows are split into two different sections, which makes cleaning easy, especially with the bacteria, debris, and pollen that might accumulate in both the winter and summer months. 

How Long Does Installing Summer Windows Take? 

While every window replacement company has different systems in place, most can complete and install new windows within one day. The installation period doesn’t include the initial consultation and planning process, which includes deciding on the appropriate windows for your home. Additionally, there is more daylight in summertime, which allows our team more time to install windows efficiently 

At Thompson Creek, we don’t have ready-made windows for your home. Instead, we create customized made-to-order solutions that fit your home design and aesthetic.  We are also able to design and install windows for the many beautiful Colonial-era homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic. 

From custom interior window trim to modern soundproofing, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials to protect and enhance your home. Choose from an extensive list of exterior colors and grid options for your replacement windows. We also offer customizable picture, sliding, basement, bay, and casement windows. Reach out to our team of experts to begin planning your summer (or anytime) renovation job. Whether you plan to install summer windows for energy efficiency or choose to save exterior renovation for another season, we’re here to help.  

Learn more about our window optionsand contact us when you’re ready to start the replacement window process.