Does Your Home Need Triple-Glazed Windows?

Does Your Home Need Triple-Glazed Windows?

Your home is your biggest investment and, sometimes, those improvement projects add up quickly. Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowner, weighing the pros and cons of each major purchase is something that goes with the territory.

When it’s time to replace windows, understanding what you’re investing in can help you set the right budget and expectations. In addition to choosing from a multitude of colors, materials, and designs, you now have the option of double- or triple-glazed windows. But what’s the difference?

What Is a Triple-Glazed Window?

When it comes to windows, glazing is simply another word for glass. So a triple-glazed window is constructed with three panes of glass — instead of the typical one or two. Three-paned windows like Thompson Creek’s 7900 premium series provide all the benefits of double-pane windows, plus an extra gas-filled air pocket and layer of glass for superior insulation.

What Are the Benefits of Triple-Glazed Windows?

Triple-paned windows are all about enhanced comfort and security. While many people think of triple-glazing as more of a luxury than a necessity, triple-glazed windows offer a number of practical advantages to consider.

Greater Energy Efficiency

With multiple panes of glass, triple-glazed windows provide more layers of insulation to buffer temperature extremes. This lessens the load on your home’s heating and cooling systems for extra energy savings. Triple-glazed low-e windows also provide more sun protection by shielding your furniture, floors, and rugs from damaging ultraviolet light.

Less Condensation

In the winter months, triple-paned windows maintain a warmer glass surface temperature than double panes. This decreases the potential for condensation and allows you to maintain higher levels of comfortable humidity inside your home.

Increased Impact Resistance

Compared to traditional windows, triple-glazed windows offer superior strength and durability. While all Thompson Creek windows are laboratory tested to withstand mid-Atlantic weather conditions, three panes of glass provide greater protection. Triple-glazed windows also serve as a security and theft deterrent because they’re very difficult to break.

Sound Insulation

For homes located near cities, airports, busy streets, or active neighborhoods, triple-glazed windows tend to be better at dampening unwanted noise. If soundproofing is a major concern, our Sound Shield glass can help to reduce and soften exterior noise by up to 35% compared to standard double-pane windows.

Why Invest in Triple Glazed Windows?

While triple-glazed windows are slightly more expensive than double-glazed, they provide homeowners with substantial energy savings and an innovative solution for controlling temperature, humidity, and noise. In our unique mid-Atlantic climate, these features can make a significant difference in the comfort level and enjoyment of your home.

New replacement windows also add value to your property, allowing you to recoup a substantial portion of the cost with time. And since triple-glazed windows are not aesthetically different than double-glazed, you could even opt to mix and match windows according to your budget and needs. For example, some homeowners choose to have us install triple-glazed windows in just north- or east-facing rooms where heat-retention is more important.

Your local Thompson Creek Window Company is just one of a few window manufacturers in the United States to offer the benefits of triple glazing. To learn more about our 7900 series premium windows, request a free estimate today.