Can you Paint Vinyl Windows?

Can you Paint Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows have plenty of advantages, but can you paint them? Yes, but you may often see different answers because there is a right way and a wrong way to paint your vinyl windows.

To successfully paint your vinyl windows, certain measures must be taken. You should also consider the risks of painting your windows before you break out the brush.

Painting Vinyl Windows the Right Way

So, how do you paint vinyl windows the right way?

The most important thing you need to know when painting your vinyl windows is to avoid applying paint directly to the bare vinyl. The paint does not stick to the vinyl window material well and will start flaking or peeling quickly.

To properly paint vinyl windows, you need to first make sure the windows are thoroughly cleaned. Next, add a coat of primer and let it fully dry before adding the paint. Lastly, use the primer as a way to make the paint cling in place for years to come.

  • Clean your vinyl windows, including the bare vinyl
  • Dry completely and apply a fresh coat of primer
  • Allow the primer to dry, and apply paint as needed

Understand the Risks of Painting Vinyl Windows

Like any home renovation project without expert assistance, painting your vinyl windows presents certain risks:

  • Incorrect paint or method that could peel and flake easily
  • Damage to vinyl material from incorrect painting or priming
  • Lowered curb appeal from the choice of paint color

The most obvious problem is the flaking and peeling paint that results from not cleaning or priming the window properly. But there are other risks you should also know about.

For instance, if you paint your windows, there is always the risk that you could cause damage to them. In many cases, this will result in your warranty being voided. Worse yet, you could damage your windows without even knowing about it. Many popular primers contain chemicals that can soften the vinyl, causing it to lose its structural integrity. As a result, it is important to use a primer that’s specifically made for use on vinyl.

Your choice of paint color can also cause problems with your windows down the road. Applying dark-colored paint will cause the window to retain more heat, and this can ultimately lead to the frame warping and/or the glass cracking. This will also void your warranty, leaving you financially responsible for repairs and/or replacement costs.

What the Experts Recommend

Instead of painting the windows yourself, most window experts will recommend purchasing windows painted by the manufacturer, so they’ll complement any color palette you want your home’s exterior to feature. 

This ensures the structural integrity of the windows and that your warranty remains intact.

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