Are Casement Windows Safe?

Are Casement Windows Safe?

Are Casement Windows Safe?


When choosing replacement windows for your home, security is an obvious factor among the many that you should be considering. With casement and double-hung windows finding their way onto the list of the most popular types of windows found on modern homes, it begs the question – are casement windows safe?

The quick answer to this question is a casement window is one of the safest types of windows for a home because when it’s closed and latched, it can’t be opened from outside. In this guide, you’ll learn about the specific reasons why casement window security can’t be beat.

Casement Windows Are Difficult to Break In To

It is important to note that no window is 100% secure. If someone wants to get into a home through a window hard enough, they will. But, the type of window they’re trying to get through can make their job either harder or easier. In this regard, casement windows can be considerably harder to break into because of three key features:

  1. The frame on a casement window is tightly sealed when it’s closed and latched
  2. Casement windows can only be opened from the inside
  3. A casement window cannot be forced open from the outside, even with the help of a crowbar

The only easy way an intruder could get into a home through a casement window is to break the glass from the outside and open the window by turning the crank, making it a less attractive option for burglars – simply because of the noise caused by breaking the glass.

Safety Benefits of Casement Windows

In addition to their impressive security features, casement windows are also among the safest types of windows you can have on your home. For instance, if you have small children, you can remove the crank from the window, rendering it impossible for children to open. Removing the crank is another deterrent to burglars because then the only way to get in will be to crawl through the frame, which will likely be filled with broken glass shards.

Casement windows usually don’t come with locks, but locks can be easily added to them to help boost your security and peace of mind. Bars and grates can also be added, either inside or outside, to take your security levels to the maximum.

Consider Casement Window Security For Your Home

There are many reasons why you might want to consider having casement windows installed on your home. In addition to their impressive safety and security features, casement windows also provide a better view than many other types of windows because nothing obstructs the view. They’re also very energy efficient and offer excellent ventilation. And, they’re one of the easiest types of windows to operate.

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