Energy Efficient Windows Cost Estimate

Energy Efficient Windows Cost Estimate

You don’t want your hard-earned money to go out the window! But, that’s exactly what happens when your home lacks energy efficient windows. But just how much do energy efficient windows cost and will it really save me money? Let’s take a look at the cost of energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows are a great way to save you money on your energy bills and prevent air leakages that mess with your home’s air circulation. There are a couple different factors to consider when measuring the energy efficiency of your windows. How do you want your windows to look? How do you want them to operate? There are many available options.

Here is a list of some of the many available types of windows and a few of their characteristics related to energy efficiency.

Single and Double Hung

Single and double hung windows are the most popular option for residential homes. The window panels are able to be opened by sliding vertically. The only difference between a single hung window and double hung is that with the single hung windows, only one panel is able to be opened.

Due to the sliding motion necessary to open the window, there is a considerable opportunity for air to intrude in the space between both windows, even when they are shut, and find its way into your home. It is also important to ensure there is enough pressure on both panels so that they are compressing against the top and bottom of the frame to effectively seal out the outside weather. Over time, both single and double hung windows become susceptible to weakening of the sashes used to hold the window shut, which can lead to air leakages.


A casement window is a type of window that opens outwards by using a crank. The crank design makes it easier to open or close the window if it is in a harder to reach space. Due to the unique design where the panes open outwards, these types of windows tend to be more energy efficient in windy areas. This is because the wind blowing on the house actually creates an air-tight sealing effect on the windows by pushing it closed and compressing the panel onto the frame.


These windows are similar to casement windows, except they are hinged at the top of the window frame and open by lifting the panel upwards at an angle. They are generally more energy efficient than single or double hung windows because of the compression seal that is activated when closed. Sliding panels do not offer this same air-tight quality. Only having one panel gives this type of window an advantage over casement windows when it comes to air leakage, making this is one of the more efficient options available.


Fixed windows are arguably the most energy efficient window options due to the fact that they are unable to be opened. This factor is inconvenient when you want to get a fresh breeze, but they definitely have the lowest risk of air leakage out of the options.

It is always beneficial to check out the Energy Star rating on any types of windows. Energy Star is a government organization that determines the most energy efficient products, so it’s a good place to start when considering products for home renovations. According to Energy Star, homes in the North-Central Zone which includes Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, much of New Jersey; homes here can save up to 20 percent in heating and cooling costs or $236 a year when replacing single pane windows with energy efficient versions.

How Much Will Energy Efficient Windows Cost?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the cost per window can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the materials and the features you choose. Having your new windows professionally installed according to the manufacturer’s instruction is imperative to getting the energy efficiency return. Certain glazing options can also add energy efficiency but add up in cost as well.

If your home needs a new frame or repairs to an existing one, expect the cost per window to go up substantially. If you choose a custom-size or shaped window, the cost to manufacture and install will be more expensive as well.

You compare the annual energy performance of a variety of window types on your home by using the Efficient Windows Collaborative Window Selection Tool.

If you are looking to add value to your home, Zillow shows new windows can positively impact a buyer’s willingness to pay full asking price. A Zillow report noted energy efficiency as extremely or very important to more than half of homebuyers.

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