Five Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

Five Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

Your windows obviously give you a good look at what’s going on in your neighbor’s front yard, but they are also a clue to what’s going on in your own home.

Condensation between panes, windows that stick when you try to open them and drafts that sneak in around the window casing are all things your windows are trying to tell you about your home.

Take a look at five things your windows want you to know:

  1.  My tracks need to be cleaned.

Does your casement window stick when you try to open or close it? Sometimes dust and debris can build up in the tracks. Use a damp cloth to clean them out. You can also use a lubricant on the moving parts.

  1. I am letting outside air inside your home.

Can you feel a draft around your windows? It could be that your weather-stripping needs to be replaced. If the weather-stripping is missing or peeling off, try replacing it.

It could also mean your window has warped or wasn’t installed correctly. A quick and temporary fix could be using a plastic film heated with a hair dryer that will create an airtight seal.

Drafty windows are best fixed or replaced immediately to stop the leak of heating and cooling dollars that are being wasted. According to Energy Star, windows that qualify for ENERGY STAR rating save you about $424 a year in the Mid-Atlantic when they replace single-pane windows. Let our experts at Thompson Creek Windows evaluate your drafty windows for a free estimate on energy-efficient replacement windows.

  1. The condensation you see is a problem with your humidity levels.

The condensation on the interior side of the window means you need to adjust your home’s humidity level.

Often seen in bathrooms, condensation can build up on the inside of the windows, an indication that there is too much relative humidity in the home. While it is not an issue with the window, left unaddressed and the moisture can lead to mold growth in the home. Improvements to the home’s ventilation system can fix the problem. A properly functioning fan and humidifier can do the trick.

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  1. The condensation between the panes usually means replacement windows are in order.

Double pane windows are vacuum sealed using gas between the panes as an insulator. If there is condensation or a foggy appearance to the pane, the seal of the window has failed. Broken seals decrease a window’s energy efficiency and invite condensation, and mold and mildew growth between the panes. Replacement of windows with failing seals is important to maintain an energy efficient home and maintain the comfort level of your home’s environment.

  1. I’m leaking water around my frame.

Older wooden frame windows require maintenance to avoid cracking, warping and rotting. Left untreated and these windows will leak and allow drafts to enter your home. In addition the moisture coming in from the frame can lead to mold and mildew growth. Even worse, this leaking can get into the drywall and studs of your home creating infrastructure damage Replacing your old wood frames with new vinyl replacement windows will make a big difference in you energy bills and thermostat regularity. And it will save you time and energy since Thompson Creek’s quality, custom windows are maintenance-free!

Our experts at Thompson Creek have decades of experience understanding what your windows are trying to say. We can inspect your current windows and determine if replacement windows are right for your home. And it’s all backed by a No-Hassle Warranty! Call us today for a free estimate for your replacement window project.