Should you repair or replace your broken window?

Should you repair or replace your broken window?

Its spring and that means two words— Play Ball! But if that foul ball breaks one of your triple pane windows it will be you crying foul!  When you unfortunately face the circumstance of a broken window, you have a few solutions. It’s important to know what your options are and how to find a solution before you end up spending too much time and money.

What do you do when your window glass is broken?

Triple pane windows are most energy efficient because of the way they trap gas between the panes creating an insulating seal. When one of the panes if you’re attempting to replace the glass in the window, it’s important to remove the broken pane, clean the frame and then seal the new pane in place with caulking and weather stripping.

Before taking any steps to fix your window glass be sure to refer to your window warranty to make sure any action you take does not void the coverage.

argon gas replacement windows

To repair a window properly making it as energy efficient as it was when it was originally installed, you will need to make sure the replacement glass has a low-e coating. You will also need to make sure the window includes argon gas sealed between the panes, which is difficult to achieve.

Your best bet is to replace the window which will ensure you are replicating the energy efficiency and highest achieving window as originally installed.

Benefits of Replacing a Broken Window

Sometimes it is better to replace than to repair your broken window or windows.  There are some negative factors involved when you simply just repair your windows.  While repairing your broken windows might be more cost-efficient, it’s important to factor in overall quality and effectiveness of simply repairing rather than replacing your window.  A replacement window will address whatever problems you were experiencing, as well as, increasing energy efficiency.

house window condensation

  • Window Seal Failure

Foggy glass and condensation between the panes are signs the windows has failed. If your window has a failed window seal, it’s a sign that it needs to be replaced. When the seals between the panes leak the trapped grass the windows energy efficiency has been irreparably compromised. Fog and moisture between the panes also increases the risk of mildew and mold developing in the walls.

  • Broken Window Muntins

When the dividers in a window are broken for the window to fully function again, it’s best to replace the unit rather than repair the pane.  Muntins are a vertical divider, and structurally part of the window.  Broken muntins leave the window susceptible to further damage, and possibly easy entry into your home.

  •  Rotted Window Frames

When frames begin to rot, the result is a poor fit that allows moisture and mildew to grow. A damaged frame can then compromise the integrity of the windows making it less energy efficient. Rotting, warped or frames that are misaligned due to weather or age create issues when it comes to a fully-functioning, energy efficient window.

Benefits of Repairing a Broken Window

Repairing a broken window is sometimes the least expensive option, but not usually the best solution for energy efficiency.  Replacing the window panes might eliminate condensation, but you won’t get the same energy efficiency as a sealed insulated glass unit with argon gas between the panes.  You should evaluate factors such as security and energy efficiency when deciding to repair or replace your windows.

Cons of Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows are inefficient and prone to breakage. Windows with broken sashes and ill-fitting frame allow moisture to leak into the home. Single pane windows do not provide protection against energy loss in your home and can be the cause of high energy bills. This is a great time to see how modern high efficiency replacement windows can save you money in energy costs.

Have a Window Professional Evaluate Your Options

Whether your window is a result of a foul tip or if your home base has windows that need to be benched, Thompson Creek experts can help. We have the professionals to evaluate your existing windows to see whether you need replacement windows or if you can repair the ones you have.

And if you do need replacement windows, Thompson Creek Window Company professionals can expertly design, build and install your custom-made windows. The No-Hassle warranty and Buyer Protection Guarantee means you never have to worry about making sure the home team is safe, protected and secure.