When to Replace Patio Doors

When to Replace Patio Doors

Your sliding patio door offers a wonderful view and access to your backyard but can be frustrating and a source of energy inefficiency if it isn’t working properly. Here are some signs to know when it is time to replace your patio doors.


1. Doors that let in a draft

A drafty patio door can be sucking your energy resources right out the door. Do you sense a temperature change near the door? Are your patio doors original to an older home? Chances are they are not as energy efficient as new energy-efficient vinyl glass doors. Consider replacing patio doors that feel drafty to the touch or if they are made with old, energy inefficient materials.


2. Patio doors that are difficult to open

Sliding patio doors are frustrating to use when they don’t slide easily. Broken mechanics within the sliding system such as the door’s track and rollers, will make the door inoperable. Try cleaning the track of visible dirt and grime. Adjust the rollers to help realign the door within the frame. Check out these tips to keeping your patio door system clean. If the rollers are broken or the track is bent, it is time to replace your sliding patio door.


If your home has French patio doors, they should swing smoothly. If they don’t it may be a problem with the hinges or the latches in the door unit. Worn hinges can also cause your French patio doors to hang unevenly and scrape along the floor when opened.


3. Patio doors that leak

Over time the seal around your door can lose its effectiveness or can be compromised due to a misalignment or defective materials. Pooling of water just inside your patio doors means it may be time to replace your patio doors.


4. Patio doors that won’t lock

Just as important for security as a secure front door, sliding patio doors should have a functioning locking device. Newer patio doors have a foot locking system that can take the worry out of patio door security.


5. Patio doors that are damaged

Storm damage, insect damage or accidental damage can diminish the function of your patio doors. Damaged doors can also cause your doors to be less energy efficient and secured.


Discover New Patio Doors For Your Home


Your patio doors can be basic or they can have an array of sidelights, transom, grids and upgraded hardware, but if they don’t function properly they aren’t an asset to your home. If your patio doors aren’t functioning like they should call an expert to determine if new, energy efficient vinyl sliding glass doors are right for your home. At Thompson Creek we have the custom-crafted patio doors in the perfect configuration for every home. Call us today for a free estimate.