Your How-To List For Emergency Window Repair

Your How-To List For Emergency Window Repair

Chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged windows from stress factors, baseballs, or storms require urgent window repair. And if a contractor isn’t available to make the necessary repairs, there are several things you can do to protect your window. These temporary emergency window repairs secure the window area until you have time to have it professionally restored.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

When working with glass, it’s imperative always to wear protective eyewear and heavy-duty gloves. This simple step will prevent glass from flying into your eyes and reduce the risk of cutting your hands.

You’ll also need a tarp, plastic covering, or even a garbage bag to lay on the floor surrounding the window. The tarp will protect the flooring and gather any small glass shards if the window breaks further during repairs.

Emergency Window Repair Options

The type of emergency window repair required depends on the extent of the damage. Below is a look at the most common types of window damage with steps you can take to repair the window temporarily.

Chipped or Cracked Glass

There are many causes of chipped or cracked windows, such as fluctuating weather conditions or an improperly installed window. No matter what the reason, however, immediate action can protect the window from further damage.

The most immediate window repair is to cover the chipped or cracked area with packing or duct tape. It’s important to tape both sides of the window, if possible. Be sure not to push down too hard on the glass while applying the tape so as not to break it.

Shattered Glass

Accidents, such as a flying rock from a lawnmower or baseball from the kids playing in the yard, can cause the window to shatter. When this happens, it’s best to remove all the shards of broken glass from the frame. Be sure to wear your protective gear and lay a tarp on the floor around the window before beginning this process.

In most cases, you can leave the window frame in place. However, for larger windows, you may need to remove the window frame and place it directly on a tarp. You may be able to remove each shard of glass one at a time by slowly and carefully pulling it out of place. This technique works best for larger shards of glass.

Safely Removing Broken Glass

If removing the broken glass by hand is impossible, you will need to break the glass gently. Start by using masking tape to cover the entire glass area. Once the tape is securely in place, use a hammer to tap the window lightly until the glass breaks completely. You can then slowly remove the tape from the window. Most of the glass shards should stick to the tape, but be sure to remove any leftover shards carefully.

Once the glass is completely removed, cover the frame with a tarp, plastic, or a heavy-duty garbage bag. Use packing or duct tape or a staple gun to secure the plastic in place. The plastic will temporarily serve as a barrier between your home and the outside elements.

Completely Broken Window

There may be cases where the damage to the window is too extensive for basic repairs. In these cases, it’s best to board up the window until a professional can come to make the necessary repairs.

You will need a piece of plywood that’s large enough to cover the window area. Start by finding the wood studs located under the window on each side. Next, measure the distance between these two studs and add an inch to each side. Then, cut a piece of plywood to the specific measurements for your window. Use two-inch screws to secure the plywood in place, spacing the screws 1 to 1½ inches apart.

Learn About Our Replacement Window Options

Once you’ve completed the emergency window repair process, be sure to call in a professional to make permanent repairs. If, however, you’ve decided that replacing your home windows is a better option, call Thompson Creek Window Company to learn more about our window options or request a free estimate.