Do-It-Yourself Projects

  • Spring Cleaning: Five Tips to Clean Your Windows

    4/7/2017 1:51 PM

    Do your windows provide a clear view to the spring beauty awakening outdoors?

  • Four Steps to Get Your Gutters Ready for Spring

    3/31/2017 3:34 PM

    Take the time now to inspect your gutters and perform any necessary maintenance so they're ready to handle spring downpours.

  • It’s Almost Winter – Do I Leave the Screens in my Windows?

    12/5/2016 2:12 PM

    To the dismay of many, cold weather has put an end to opening our windows to let in a fresh breeze. As homeowners prepare their homes for the winter season, you may wonder if you should remove your window screens. For most, it’s simply a matter of preference whether you remove the screens from your windows or leave them in all winter. But if you do decide to remove them, there are a few benefits. It’s a good habit to take your screens out in the late fall and replace them in early spring, using this opportunity to give the windowsills and exterior of your windows a good cleaning. Visually inspect your screens for any signs of wear or damage and perform needed repairs. Store your screens in your basement or garage, preferably away from high traffic areas that could cause damage to them. Before you replace your screens in the springtime, give them a good hosing down and scrubbing before replacing them.  

  • tool belt

    How to Be a Safe Do-It-Yourselfer

    9/30/2016 9:37 AM

    From basic tasks around the home to major renovations, safety should always come first. 

  • Common Window Repairs

    9/6/2016 9:56 AM

    The windows in your home serve many functions. They protect your home and its contents from weather and the elements. Windows allow natural light to enter your home.

  • Door Knob Replacement

    How To Replace A Door Knob

    9/8/2015 8:27 AM

    There are many reasons why you might need to replace a door knob.  Updating a cheap builder-grade door knob to one that reflects today's trends can bring new life to something as simple as a door.

  • update-kitchen-with-windows

    Easy Ideas to Update Your Kitchen

    10/15/2014 9:52 AM

    You may be dreaming about a complete kitchen makeover.  But it might not fit in your home improvement budget in the near future.  

  • Quick-DIY-Projects

    Quick DIY Repairs for Your Home

    7/22/2014 1:43 PM

    Spring time is around the corner and it's usually a time when we like to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Cleaning Window Sills and Tracks

    5/22/2014 7:11 PM

    Have you ever taken a close look you window sills and tracks?  With double hung or slider windows, at least a portion of the vertical and horizontal tracks are exposed to the outside elements.  And they can get pretty nasty looking with dirt, pollen, and debris build-up.  What's the best way to clean window sills and tracks?

  • Vegetable Gardens: Anyone Can Do It!

    5/1/2014 8:41 PM

    Summer in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC brings to mind the abundance of produce from our region - fresh corn on the cob, ripe juicy tomatoes, summer squash, watermelon, and more.  With our proximity to Maryland's eastern shore, we have access to fresh, locally-grown produce.  And our weather is conducive to growing many heat-loving varieties in our own backyards.