Energy Efficiency & Reducing Utility Bills

  • Tune Up Your AC for Energy Efficiency

    6/2/2014 2:22 PM

    The time will soon come (and already has for some) to turn on your air conditioner for the first time this year.

  • What to Look For in a New Entry Door

    5/16/2014 4:49 PM

    Your front door is an important element to your home's design. It's the first thing that greets visitors when they come to your home, and sets the tone for your entryway. An old entry door that is warped, discolored, peeling, is out of plumb, or has broken or fogged glass makes a poor first impression, not to mention being a drain on your energy consumption.

  • What Does Energy Efficient Mean When It Comes to Windows?

    5/12/2014 4:01 PM

    When homeowners decide to undertake a home improvement or replacement project, “energy efficiency” is often an important aspect of the project.  So what does energy efficient mean when it comes to replacement windows?  When properly selected and installed, energy efficient windows can reduce your heating, cooling and lighting costs.

  • Get Your Sliding Patio Doors Spring-Ready

    5/7/2014 1:36 PM

    The weather is getting warmer in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.  After a season of having your house closed up tight to the elements, there's nothing better than opening your windows and doors to allow fresh spring breezes to blow away the stale winter air from your home.  But if you have windows or doors that stick, sometimes that's easier said than done.

  • Every Day is Earth Day at Thompson Creek

    4/22/2014 2:29 PM

    Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22.  Today, the entire month of April is dedicated to Earth Day awareness campaigns.   Over the years, the environmental movement has grown into a worldwide, year-long pursuit with over one billion people participating among 22,000 partners in 192 countries.  For over 40 years, the Earth Day Network has been involved in environmental campaigns on issues ranging from recycling and drinking water to voter registration and protecting endangered species.

  • Earth Month Tips: Composting

    4/3/2014 3:44 PM

    Since 1970, April 22 has been recognized as Earth Day. Forty four years later, public awareness and concern has steadily grown to protect our environment. Now we take the whole month of April to highlight ways to save energy, lessen fuel consumption, reduce waste, and recycle. One way to help both the environment and your landscaping is composting.

  • Programmable Thermostats: Save Money Year 'Round

    3/31/2014 8:48 PM

    Keeping your thermostat set at the same temperature 24 hours a day isn't making the most efficient use of your heating and cooling systems. You'll end up spending more money on your monthly utility bills. By adjusting the thermostat setting based on the time of day and when you're home or away, you can save money. And a programmable thermostat makes the task simple.

  • Save Energy When the Weather Heats Up

    3/20/2014 11:29 PM

    After a cold and snowy winter, it’s finally spring, and many people in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC are rejoicing. It’s time to tune up the lawnmower, get your garden tools out, and get ready to spruce up our yards and homes to welcome the warmer weather and longer days. You will also have the opportunity to consider how you can help your home save energy.  

  • Energy Efficient Bulbs Save Money

    3/13/2014 5:49 PM

    There was a time when our only choice for light bulbs was the incandescent bulb. These bulbs use electricity to produce light by heating the metal filament within the bulb. This causes incandescent bulbs to release 90% of their energy as heat. Today, nearly 70% of light sockets in the U.S. still use these inefficient bulbs. For that 70%, is there an incentive to use light bulbs that are more energy efficient?

  • Underwater Windmills Harness Power from Tides

    3/4/2014 4:30 PM

    For decades, scientists have been researching alternative and renewable energy sources to make our capacity to produce electricity more energy efficient.  One resource that has been pilot tested around the world over the last decade is the power of water flow.  Electricity has been produced from tides by trapping the high tide in artificial lagoons with dams since the 1960s.