Improving Curb Appeal

  • Curb Appeal and your Entry door: What’s missing?

    7/5/2013 7:48 PM

    An old English proverb says the eyes are the window to the soul. So it’s not a big leap to say your entry door is the window to your home’s interior. The entry door is often a focal point at the front of your house, and the first thing....

  • Vinyl is a Sound House Siding Choice

    5/23/2013 3:40 PM

    Traditional choices for cladding a home’s exterior used to be wood, brick, or stone. Eventually siding made from aluminum, asbestos, and asphalt entered the market as alternatives to wood. By the 1960s vinyl house siding was introduced. Made from PVC, early vinyl formulations had issues including discoloration, brittleness, and problems caused by expanding and contracting during weather extremes.

  • Spring is a GREAT time for Replacing Siding!

    4/10/2013 1:27 PM

    Siding is an important part of the “envelope” of your home’s exterior.  It wraps your home to protect it from weather and the elements, it provides insulation and gives your home architectural appeal.  Upgrading your siding, whether changing to a different material or changing the color, can dramatically change the character of your home.   Popular siding options include wood (either planks or shingles), stone (real or engineered), brick, metal/aluminum and vinyl. (And today's vinyl can look like all of those things - with the benefit of no maintenance!) Different siding materials have their pros and cons. Wood requires regular maintenance including painting to prevent rot, and it’s susceptible to insect damage. Metal and aluminum siding are not the best choices to provide insulation for your home, and they easily show signs of damage when dented or scratched. While stone and brick give you some of the best protection from Mother Nature, they are also some of the most expensive materials to use on your home. 

  • Spring Yard Maintenance and Preparation

    3/27/2013 6:35 PM

    Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside your home.  Our landscapes take a beating from winter weather. By taking care of a few spring yard tasks, you can set yourself up for a beautiful lawn and garden all summer long and well into fall.   First, you need to go through your yard and rake up any dead leaves, twigs, pinecones and other debris on your lawn.  Raking also helps control thatch build up, which is the layer of dead grass sitting just about the ground surface. Dethatching will help you maintain a healthy lawn by allowing the established grass to grow stronger and get maximum water and nutrients from the soil. 

  • Kitchen/Garden Window Cleaning Tips - Thompson Creek Reviews All You Need to Know

    3/4/2013 4:24 PM

    With this week's snow forecast, it's hard to believe that March 20 - just a few weeks away - marks the official start of spring.  The longer days, gradually warming temperatures and bright sunshine get many in spring cleaning mode. With that bright sunshine streaming in your windows, you may realize that cleaning those windows should be near the top of your list.   The exterior of your windows should be cleaned once the weather has warmed up. But you can tackle the inside of your windows any time. Just keep in mind, pros recommend the best time to clean is on a cloudy day, since the warmth from sunlight can cause window streaks when cleaning.

  • What’s Lurking Behind Your Siding?

    2/28/2013 3:09 PM

    Many homes are clad in some sort of siding material, whether it’s vinyl, wood, aluminum or old asbestos shingles. But what lurks behind that siding?  Unless the siding was installed or replaced when you owned the home, chances are you have no idea what’s behind the siding and what could be causing potential problems to the walls and structures within.   While the type, style and color of your siding adds character and curb appeal to your home, it serves the important purpose of protecting your home’s structure from the elements.  Proper installation is essential to ensure the siding protects the home and achieves the maximum benefit from your siding. 

  • Benefits of Vinyl Siding

    12/16/2012 2:39 PM

    When it’s time to replace the siding on your home, you can become overwhelmed by the choices. Popular options include stone veneer, fiber cement, engineered wood siding and vinyl siding. Siding choices run the gamut as far as prices and there are pros and cons for each option. While stone veneer is extremely durable, it will easily have you spending $10-$17 a square foot. Fiber cement siding is comparatively less expensive but usually requires repainting. Engineered wood siding, or composite wood, is composed of wood products and other materials.  Like wood board siding, it will require regular maintenance as well as repainting every five to ten years.    

  • Summer Home Maintenance

    7/20/2011 5:00 AM

    Summer in the mid-Atlantic can be tough on your yard and home exterior. Exterior maintenance can become tedious and time consuming, especially if your home isn't new. Worn out gutters may be pulling away from the roof. If the downspouts aren't configured correctly, you could see landscape erosion. Your wood siding may be peeling, splitting or warping, and at the very least need power washing. Your window frames and sills may need sanding and repainting. Now imagine your home with a low maintenance exterior. Vinyl replacement windows that never need sanding or repainting. A gutter system that never clogs or pulls away from your home. Downspouts carrying water away from your home efficiently and effectively, eliminating landscape erosion. Vinyl siding that is thicker, stronger and better insulated. The Thompson Creek Window Company is your local source for homeowners in Maryland, Washington DC and northern Virginia for products that decrease the amount of maintenance your home requires. For over 30 years, Thompson Creek has become the mid-Atlantic’s premier home improvement replacement products company with our vinyl windows, siding, doors, and rain gutters. All of our products are custom-manufactured, installed and serviced from our family-owned and operated facilities in Landover, Maryland. The team at Thompson Creek knows that our customers want replacement home improvement products that beautify their home, increase their home value and return on investment, save them money in energy costs, and will incur no additional maintenance or costs in the long run.  

  • Replacement Vinyl Siding - Factors to Consider

    6/24/2011 5:00 AM

      When you are considering replacing the siding on your home with vinyl siding, not all options will give you the most value for your money. There are many factors to consider, including cost, insulating properties, protection from weather extremes, as well as aesthetics.  The quality of the product you choose is especially important in the mid-Atlantic area.  We experience extreme heat and cold throughout the year in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, so your home requires siding to protect it from all the elements.  Choosing Thompson Creek Window Company's vinyl siding gives you the most bang for you buck in every area: You will insulate your house from drafts and noise with interlocking foam insulation that blocks up to 45% more noise than regular siding. You will protect your home from ice, hail and damaging winds up to 165 miles per hour with siding that’s 300% more impact resistant. You can choose from one of 16 low-gloss designer colors and give your home the attractive appearance and curb appeal you’ve always wanted. You will never have to paint your home again. You will have peace of mind knowing that your siding is backed by our unbeatable lifetime guarantee. Click here to learn more about Thompson Creek's vinyl siding, or call  866-57CREEK  866-57CREEK today!

  • Damaged Siding - Repair or Replace?

    4/14/2011 12:00 AM

    If your home is more than a few years old, you may have areas of siding that show signs of wear. Whether it’s wood siding, aluminum siding or vinyl siding, over time siding can fade, develop leaks, warp, crack or dent. And old siding is typically much less energy efficient than newer siding.   So if you have a section of siding that is damaged, do you just replace that section or your entire home? It makes the most sense to do the complete job. If you have a area of damage, the rest of the old siding is at risk for similar damage in the near future. Older siding is susceptible to wind damage. It is easier for water to penetrate the siding and damage your home. By installing new siding on your entire home, you can take advantage of the latest developments in siding. Vinyl siding from companies like Thompson Creek Window Company lays flat, hides any imperfections in the underlayment, has fewer seams and is foam laminated to add extra insulation to your home and block noise. Thompson Creek siding is also thicker and 300% more impact-resistant, providing your home with lifetime protection from ice, hail, winds up to 165 mph and other damaging weather conditions. And with vinyl siding, you never have to climb a ladder again to paint your house.