7 Summer Home DIY Projects

7 Summer Home DIY Projects

The Importance of Summer DIY Projects

Before summer temperatures heat up, check out these 7 easy DIY projects that could make your transition to the warmer weather smoother.

  1. Lay down new mulch

When people think of laying down new mulch, they often think of adding an extra layer of protection to their garden in colder weather. While this is true, there are many added benefits to spring mulching that you may not have even thought of. With prime weather for growing plants quickly approaching, mulching is the simplest way to prevent weed growth and in turn limit the amount of time you spend weeding your garden. By conserving moisture in the soil, it creates a better environment for your existing plants to grow. Not to mention the vibrant look of a freshly mulched garden.

  1. Power wash your home’s exterior

The winter season typically does not spark the motivation to get outside and power wash your house, but spring is the perfect time to do it. With warmer weather and more outdoor time, power washing your home’s exterior creates a lasting effect in an average time of under three hours. Renting a power washer is about $50-$100 a day, or you could hire a professional to do it for you.

  1. Invest in a smart thermostat

If you’re really looking to upgrade your home with advances technology, look into installing a smart thermostat. This thermostat can track your temperature adjustment trends in about two weeks and automatically adjust it for you.

There is also a programmable option where you can set future adjustments for times when you aren’t home. This is beneficial for when the house is not occupied for long periods of time and can save you money on air conditioning this summer. Websites like reviews.org can help you determine which thermostat is best for you.

  1. Store your winter apparel

If you don’t already, storing your winter clothes during the summertime is a great way to save space and stay organized. Bulky winter jackets and boots can take up space in your closets and create unnecessary clutter. Consider investing in storage bins to tuck these things away during seasons they aren’t in use. This opens up space for spring and summer items that are used more consistently, like umbrellas and swim accessories.

Additionally, this process gives you the chance to clean out your closets and potentially donate your apparel that have been outgrown or are no longer used. Find a donation center near you.

  1. Change direction

Ceiling fans in the summer can help cool down the house if they are turning in the right direction. Fans in the summer should turn counterclockwise to provide a cooling effect.

  1. Check your sump pump

Spring and summer rains can turn from a sprinkle to a deluge quick. Your sump pump needs to be ready for action. Test your sump pump to be sure it is working properly. You can conduct your own test or have a licensed plumber do it.

  1. Use pest prevention techniques

Along with warm weather comes mosquitoes and other potentially harmful pests. Keep them out of your home by spraying pesticides around the exterior and ensuring that all your windows and other openings are sealed.

When choosing a pesticide, be sure to use one that is most effective for your climate and best fits your needs. Another way to keep the bugs out is to use screened windows and doors. If you like to let the summer breeze in, this is a primary option for you, otherwise, simply closing your doors and windows is effective.

The Importance of Summer DIY Projects

Ill-fitting doors and windows are an invitation for outdoor critters to make their home inside! If you find your windows and doors are damaged the experts at Thompson Creek can help. Call today for a free estimate.

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