Best Bathtub Safety Equipment for Seniors

Best Bathtub Safety Equipment for Seniors

A recent study by AARP reveals that 75% of homeowners aged 50 or older intend to stay in their current homes for the long term, and 34% of these respondents said that they recognized the need to renovate in order to accommodate this. These renovations can span from the kitchen to staircases and entryways, but the most critical rooms in the house are the bathrooms. About 80% of falls occur in the bathroom, but taking precautions can help to reduce this hazard. Here are a few renovation ideas to make your bathroom a safer place. 

1. Tub to Shower conversions 

Tub to shower conversions are a safe bet for seniors since showers don’t require the dangerous task of lifting and lowering your body into the tub. Showers don’t require the strength and balance that tubs do in order to get in and out. Converting your tub into a high-quality, spacious shower can also increase the value of your home and make your bathroom seem more modern.  

2. Grab bars  

If you’re set on keeping a tub for a good soak, consider adding grab bars around your tub. These are easy additions to make and can help add leverage during the motion of lowering yourself into the tub. They may not be the most visually appealing, but they add necessary stability for entering and exiting the tub.  

3. Lever style doorknobs 

A less obvious, small renovation that’s senior-friendly is the act of replacing your twist-style doorknobs with lever-style ones. As the strength in our wrists diminish, you may notice a slight pain or tension when turning traditional doorknobs. The lever-style doorknob has an easier, larger grip point, and requires a simple push downwards. For those with arthritis or other muscular disabilities, a lever-style may be easier to maneuver.  

4. Reduce moisture 

Adding windows to your bathroom for proper airflow is an unassuming way to enhance your bathroom’s safety. Since moisture builds during a shower or a bath, this moisture can build up on your walls and floors, making the space slippery and more hazardous. Simply adding a window and ventilating the room will greatly reduce this moisture, also reducing the likelihood of the bather to slip and fall after their shower or bath.  

The experts at Thompson Creek are happy to discuss your bathroom renovation and help to identify the right safety-enhancing project for you. If you’re looking to add safety features in your bathroom, don’t compromise high-quality service. Call today for a free quote on your bathroom renovation, and see if our technicians can complete your project in as little as one day.  

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