Upgrade Your Bathroom In Fort Washington, MD With Bathtub Safety Equipment For Seniors

Upgrade Your Bathroom In Fort Washington, MD With Bathtub Safety Equipment For Seniors

Design A Senior-Friendly Bathroom That Is Beautiful And Safe

Installing bathtub safety equipment for seniors in Fort Washington, MD is a great way to improve bathroom accessibility in your home.

A recent study by AARP that 75% of homeowners who were 50 or older were planning to stay in their current homes for the long term. About 34% of the people in the study said that they recognized the need to renovate in order to stay safely in their homes.

The renovations necessary for seniors to stay safely in their homes can span from the kitchen to staircases and entryways. But the most critical rooms in the house to renovate for safety are the bathrooms.

About 80% of falls occur in the bathroom, but taking precautions can help to reduce this hazard. Here are a few aging-in-place solutions to make your bathroom a safer place.

1. Tub-To-Shower Conversions In Maryland

Tub-to-shower conversions are a great option for enhancing bathroom accessibility for seniors. Showers don’t require the dangerous task of lifting and lowering your body into the tub.

Walk-in showers also don’t require the strength and balance that tubs do in order to get in and out. When you convert your tub into a high-quality, accessible shower, you can also increase the value of your home. If you plan to stay in your home, you can enjoy the new modern look that a walk-in shower provides.

2. Install Grab Bars In Your Tub Or Shower

If you really want to keep your tub, then consider adding grab bars around your tub for additional safety.

Installing grab bars is an easy addition to make to your tub. They can help add leverage during the motion of lowering yourself into the tub and keep you safe. They may not be the most visually appealing, but they add the necessary stability for entering and exiting the tub.

Grab bars are an incredible bathing aid that can help you stay safe. Taking a bath is a wonderful way to relax your muscles and unwind after a long day. With the right bathtub safety equipment, you don’t have to worry about giving up your baths.

3. Install Lever-Style Door Knobs For A More Senior-Friendly Bathroom

Replacing your twist-style door knobs with lever-style door knobs is another great solution to improve bathroom accessibility. Lever-style door knobs are often overlooked when people are considering bathtub safety equipment for their homes.

But, they can go a long way in keeping senior family members safe and are a great aging-in-place solution.

As we get older, the strength in our wrists can diminish. This might cause you to notice a slight pain or tension whenever you try to turn a traditional twist-style doorknob.

The lever-style door knob has an easier, larger grip point and requires a simple push downwards. For those with arthritis or other muscular disabilities, a lever style may be easier to maneuver. Even though door knobs are often overlooked, they are an excellent addition to your bathroom safety products. They can make your space in Washington, DC, more functional and more beautiful.

4. Reduce The Moisture In Your Senior-Friendly Bathroom

Adding windows to your bathroom for proper airflow is a wonderful way to enhance your bathroom’s accessibility. Moisture often builds up in our bathrooms when we take a shower or a bath. All too often, moisture can develop on our walls and floors.

Unfortunately, this makes the bathroom slippery and hazardous to seniors in the home. Luckily, this can be solved with a simple bathroom remodel. You can simply add a window and ventilation to your bathroom. These options will greatly reduce this moisture. Which also reduces the likelihood of older adults slipping or falling on a wet floor after their shower or bath.

Installing The Perfect Elderly Bathroom Aids

The experts at Thompson Creek are happy to discuss the best bathroom safety products to meet your needs. We can customize the perfect bathtub safety equipment to make sure you can stay in your home safely and without worry. When you come to us, we will help to identify the right safety-enhancing project for you.

You shouldn’t have to give up on quality or style when you are searching for the perfect aging-in-place solutions. That’s why our team of high-quality designers and installers do everything we can to find you the perfect solution that meets your unique needs.

If you are interested in installing bathtub safety equipment in your home in Fort Washington, MD, reach out to Thompson Creek today for a free quote.