Double Hung Window Designs for Different Homes

Double Hung Window Designs for Different Homes

Your home has a style and a vibe of its own. A window replacement project doesn’t mean you have to choose style over function. The versatility of double hung windows makes them a good upgrade no matter what your home’s exterior looks like. Double hung windows can be customized to match virtually any style home. Read more to discover how double hung windows can fit some of the most popular home styles.  


Ranch style homes typically have a large front porch or yard area, which provides a great view from indoors. Oversized double hung windows can accentuate this view, and provide the option to open from the top or bottom panel to incorporate the outdoors while inside.  


A medium sized home that emphasizes simplicity and standard architecture falls under the craftsman style category. Double hung windows made of wood fit right into this style of exterior. Wood is a popular window material and can be easily painted white or stained to match your craftsman style home.  


The traditional style home is a broad category that usually consists of tall, pitched roofs, stucco or brick exterior, and symmetrically spaced windows. Having standard sized, double hung windows spaced evenly along your exterior will complement the traditional home style. Selecting a crisp white frame and trim will add to this simplistic and sleek look.  


Colonial homes resemble an evolved and modernized log cabin because of its traditional features like tall windows and brick exterior. Double hung windows can be customized to be tall enough to match this style. Installing a colonial style grille will amplify this look and add an interesting focal point to your home.  


The most recent trend in home design is a contemporary style home. Dark colored double hung window frames continues its popularity in 2023 and blends with this style well. Fiberglass and vinyl windows are two versatile materials that are both energy efficient and can be customized to fit any window size. To modernize the look, opt for a grille-free double hung window. 

No matter what your personal style is, double hung windows provide the energy efficiency, functionality and aesthetic for your home. Replacing single hung windows with double hung ones is an easy process with the right contractor. Visit our website to view Thompson Creek’s options of double hung windows and the customizations that go along with it.