Easy Steps to Soundproof Your Home

Easy Steps to Soundproof Your Home

You might be spending a bit more time inside your home than usual these days and with that are noticing how much outside noise you can hear inside. These steps can help to reduce the ambient noise of your neighbor’s snowblower or passing traffic from disturbing your inside enjoyment.

Here’s where that outside noise is getting into your home and how to fix it.


Add Insulation

Insulation can act as a noise absorber, dulling outside noise and preventing it from reverberating into the home. Upgrade your insulation in areas like your attic, ceiling and exterior walls where it will make the most impact. Some insulation is rated specifically for sound control. You get the added benefit of energy efficiency as well.


Replace or repair old windows

Loud noises can rattle your nervous and your windows. One of your best defenses against outside noise is a quality, double pane, energy-efficient window upgrade. Replacing single pane, ill-fitting windows with new custom windows can make an immediate impact on your ambient noise issues. In addition, consider a sound-blocking specialty glass like Thompson Creek’s exclusive Sound Shield glass package which can reduce sound and soften unwanted noises by up to 35 percent compared to the standard sound-reducing double pane windows.


If you’re not ready to upgrade your windows, one of the least expensive and effective soundproofing measures to take is to weather strip and caulk your current windows. Worn weather stripping not only lets in cold air but unwanted noise as well.


Weatherproof your front door

If you can see daylight coming through your door frame, then you can bet sound is coming in from those gaps as well. Consider adding a door sweep to your front door or replace worn weatherstripping. Warped, damaged or ill-fitting doors are candidates for replacement which will provide more energy efficiency and an upgrade in soundproof function.


Use Textiles to muffle sound

Fabrics work to dampen sound. Heavy soundproofing window curtains can help deaden outside noise especially in a bedroom. Thick rug pads under high-traffic areas can help prevent noisy steps and carpeting can help reduce sounds from traveling between floors.


Replace old garage doors

If you have an attached garage you can bet noises are traveling from outside right into your home via the garage. Typical garage doors don’t do much for insulating against noise. Consider swapping to premium garage doors filled with foam insulation to create a sound barrier from the street.


Reduce Outside Noise Today

Taking steps to soundproof your home will increase your sense of calm and security. If you need an expert to help your soundproofing efforts, call the professionals at Thompson Creek. And now for an extra sense of calm, Thompson Creek offers worry-free video consultation. Call us today.