Six Reasons Your Home Should Side with Vinyl

Six Reasons Your Home Should Side with Vinyl

Missing bricks, chipped paint or rotten wood may make an uninviting impression on your home, but it’s very inviting for mold growth, water leaks, insect homes and energy loss.

Spend more time hosting family and friends at your home instead of spending time scraping, repainting and repairing your home’s exterior siding. Here are seven benefits of a worry-free, maintenance-free vinyl siding.

This ain’t your grandmother’s vinyl siding. Launched in the late 1950s vinyl siding was a welcomed addition to the exterior siding market to replace the once-popular aluminum siding. The product has improved in its make-up, appearance and installation making it one of the top ten cost-effective improvements for your home, according to

Blue siding on two story home


Why vinyl siding is the right choice for your home:

  • It’s the most affordable siding option.

When it comes to cost comparison, vinyl siding beats all other siding options like wood, stucco, stone and brick for price per square foot, in many cases by nearly half, according to the Vinyl Siding Institute.

  • Vinyl siding requires virtually no maintenance.

Put down the scraper and the paintbrush. With vinyl siding you get your weekends back. For a little upkeep simply use a garden hose and some soapy water for a fresh spring cleaning for your vinyl siding.

  • It’s durable.

Vinyl siding is built to last. It has multiple attachment points for superior wind resistance and advanced UV-resistant coatings to resist fading. Our mid-Atlantic climate is no match for the protection your home will get from vinyl siding.

  • It helps keep your home energy efficient.

Insulated vinyl siding helps keep a home’s heat inside in the winter and out in the summer. It bridges the gap between your home’s wall studs and the exterior cladding.

  • It won’t be damaged by moisture.

Vinyl siding actually helps a home’s wall breathe and dry out because it doesn’t absorb water, but rather repels it. This means you will never have to caulk or paint the outside of your house as a protective water barrier.

  •  It’s quieter than aluminum siding.

Vinyl siding buffers noise instead of magnifying it, so it makes your home quieter inside.

  • It’s versatile.

Vinyl siding comes in a huge array of styles and even more colors. You can get the look of cedar shakers or traditional dutchlap. And the product comes with lots of trim and accessory options, so your design is never limited.

Does your home’s exterior siding show damage or decay? Could your home benefit from updated materials that will increase the value and curb appeal of your home?

Vinyl siding is the perfect answer for homeowners who are looking for both unique style and the modern convenience of a hassle-free product. Our experts at Thompson Creek can help you determine if vinyl siding is right for your home and help you pick the style and color that brings your vision to life. Not all vinyl siding is equal. At Thompson Creek we use high-grade vinyl siding crafted to be thicker and installed expertly so there’s no warping or revealing seams. Our vinyl siding is 300 percent more impact resistant than traditional siding and comes with a transferable double lifetime guarantee. Call us today for a free estimate!