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Sleet Causes Roof Leaks


Here’s something you might not know: sleet - not rain - is the primary cause of roof leaks!

Sleet is the midpoint on the precipitation spectrum. It is too fluffy with crystals to be rain and too soft and translucent to be snow. Sleet isn't likely to cause a two-hour delay but, under the right conditions, it can shorten the lifespan of your roof.

The Power Of Ice

Have you ever been walking on a trail and see a large boulder cut in half? Have you thought about what causes such a large crack in something so sturdy? Ice! Water has seeped into the cracks and pores of the rock and then froze. The water crystals expanded causing the cracks to enlarge until the boulder eventually splits. This same concept of water seeping, freezing, expanding and cracking, happens to your roof!

Think of the cycle of a snow day. Sleet on your roof freezes solid overnight. Then morning begins and the Sun melts a layer of ice and sleet from your roof. This water seeps into new spaces between your shingles. With the shorter daylight of winter, this melted water turns back into ice later that afternoon. Ice roots expand, breaking your roof’s safeguards. Then the process repeats itself the next morning.

Thompson Creek produces the best roof protection systems. Our roofs are a composite of six layers that work together to shed ice and water off your home. These weather barriers start with your roof’s deck, designed to repel wind-driven rain while allowing attic moisture to escape. Our Cobra branded ventilation system removes excess heat from your attic and can limit mold growth. And to top it off we have the #1 selling shingles brand in North America, Timberline shingles that provide an airtight seal to repeal extreme weather that causes roof leaks.

Give Thompson Creek a call at 888-991-4719 if you are experiencing roof leaks caused by ice, sleet or snow.