Summer Window Cleaning

Summer Window Cleaning

Proper upkeep of your windows can expand their lifetime and keep your home looking its best. Clean windows can make your home’s interior seem bigger, brighter and aesthetic. An overcast weekend in the summer is the ideal time for you to cross “window cleaning” off of your to-do list. Here are a few tips to get the best results from your summertime window cleaning process.

  1. Remove the dirt and dust

Before you start, it’s a good idea to remove the dust and dirt off your window’s surfaces that have accumulated from spring’s storms and summer’s early dustbowl. The best way to do this would be using a duster or a vacuum extension. Microfiber glass cleaning cloths are excellent for this as well. This step makes a huge difference in the cleaning process because otherwise, the dry particles will mix in with your window cleaner and create an even bigger mess. Making sure the window’s surface is cleared off before washing will lead to a better, longer-lasting clean. Dirt and grime can gum up your window’s sash. Removing that helps to maintain your windows moving parts.

2. Trade your paper towels for a cloth

Using a paper towel and a cleaning spray is a great short-term solution for making your windows appear cleaner, but in reality, you’re just pushing the dirt around your windows. A more thorough method is to use a washcloth and soapy water, and really deep clean the glass of your windows. A few drops of dish soap should suffice or try a mixture of vinegar and water, both generally costs less than spray cleaners designated just for windows.  Using a dry cloth, dry the entire surface to avoid streaking. You should notice a visible difference in the window’s appearance. Another option is to invest in a squeegee, a tool commonly used to clean car windshields. Squeegees are known to leave little to no streaking with less effort than cleaning by hand.

3. Go room by room

Breaking the process down room by room will make the chore seem like less of a hurdle. Start with the inside windows of each room and then move on to the outside. Or, if you have double hung windows with a tilt in feature, your job just got a lot easier! Find the steps to safely tilt your double hung windows here.

When actually doing the cleaning, a great trick is to wipe one side of the windows vertically and the other horizontally. This way, when you look for streak marks from the outside, you can easily tell which side of the window to go over. Also, sticking to one pattern of wiping, either vertical or horizontal, will ensure that all spots are cleaned evenly and there is less chance of streaking overall.

4. Pick the shady side

Cleaning your windows in the summer is best when you can find an overcast day to avoid rapid drying of the window before your cleaning and rinsing process is complete. Working on the shady side of the house first and following that shade as it moves across your home is a great alternative as well. Summer’s longer days give you plenty of time to complete your job but it’s hot temperatures can dry up your work before it’s done.

  1. Don’t forget the screens

Window screens are a summertime staple to catch those cooling breezes. Your window cleaning job should include removing the screens, wiping them down with a cleaning solution and letting them dry before reinstalling them.

Prepping Your Windows for Winter

Getting your windows ready for winter weather is a lot better to do the chore when the weather is warm rather than frigid Mid-Atlantic winter air. While you are taking the time to make your windows sparkle, give them a once-over to make sure they are working properly, don’t have any cracks in the seal or a stuck sash.

If you are ready to replace your old windows with replacement windows that are easy to clean, call our window experts at Thompson Creek for a free estimate today!