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Thompson Creek Awarded By The Better Business Bureau


On March 7th 2018, Thompson Creek was awarded a certificate of commendation for 15 years of stalwart service from The Better Business Bureau! We are proud of this honor and hope to continue our standards of excellence. Below is how Thompson Creek ensures that we hold ourselves to the 8 accreditation standards set by the Better Business Bureau:

Build Trust

Thompson Creek has secured itself this honor by maintaining a positive track record of service in Richmond and the Baltimore/Washington corridor. We have built trust with our customers and community by complying with all applicable laws. At Thompson Creek, we have maintained the highest satisfaction rating of A+ since becoming an accredited business in 2003.

Advertise Honestly

Thompson Creek prides itself on our honesty, we make it our policy to say what we mean and mean what we say with our advertising. From our digital marketing to our field marketing, print ads and media promotion, we respect our customers by conveying a clear and honest message. Thompson Creek avoids creating false impressions that will mislead customers as our firm commitment to honest business standards and practices.

Tell The Truth

Speaking truthfully to our customers is never an issue with us at Thompson Creek. We honestly represent all our products and services on our website and contracts. We also make an effort to avoid dishonesty through omission, presenting relevant material facts wherever possible.

Be Transparent

At Thompson Creek our transparency policy is as clear as the windows we produce. We openly display all our policies, guarantees and procedures on our website. We comply with the BBB’s standards openly identifying the nature, location and ownership of our business.

Honor Promises

With 38 years of House Proud customers supporting our business, Thompson Creek knows how to keep a promise. Our vertically integrated business model allows us to singularly troubleshoot any and all problems quickly and efficiently along every step of the design, installation and service process.

Be Responsive

At Thompson Creek, we didn't receive an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by sending customer complaints to the circular file. We make a determined effort to address all marketplace disputes quickly, professionally and with good faith.

Safeguard Privacy

Respecting our customers private and personal information is a given here at Thompson Creek. We have safeguards in place to protect our customers from mishandling and fraud. We only collect personal information as needed while respecting the preferences of our customers regarding the use of their information.

Embody Integrity

Integrity is a guiding principle we follow at Thompson Creek. Every day we approach every business deal, every marketplace transaction and every commitment with absolute integrity.

By following these eight accreditation standards founded by The Better Business Bureau, Thompson Creek can maintain our A+ rating. We look forward to another fifteen years of positive recognition!