How Do Double Hung Windows Work

How Do Double Hung Windows Work

Two is better than one they say! But just how does a double hung window work and why are homeowners opting to replace single hung versions with them?

By Definition

You will know if you have a single hung window in your home if the window has one fixed sash on the top and one sash that can move up and down on the bottom. The bottom window slides up partially covering the top sash when opened.

By contrast, a double hung window has two stacked windows that can both move up and down independent of one another. Often the windows will tilt inward from their frame to make cleaning both sides of the window pane easy.

By Mechanics

This is how to operate a double hung window. It’s easy! Unlock the locking mechanism and you can gently pull down the top sash or pull up the bottom one or both. Another click of the lock and you can easily tilt each sash inward to clean or inspect.

In Thompson Creek double hung windows, both sashes can be removed entirely in case of an emergency.

By Science

How do double hung windows work to improve air flow? There’s science behind the advantage of being able to open a window from both the top and the bottom to keep a room cool. By opening the top and the bottom sash equally, warm air flows out of the top sash and draws cooler air in through the bottom. The result is a healthy exchange of air flow.

Where safe to do so, it is a great way in the evening to move air through a room as cool air flushes out warm air in the room also cooling the walls, floor and ceiling.

So, the dual sash not only helps to keep you comfortable, it can improve your indoor air quality too. This can be ideal for places such as a bathroom due to its ability to vent out moisture and odors.

By Safety

How do double hung windows work to keep your family safe? Leave the bottom sash closed but still enjoy ventilation via the top sash. That keeps children from being tempted from an open window that’s within reach!

By Maintenance

How do you maintain double hung windows? Designed for ease of use, they are also designed to be easy to maintain. Simply tilt the sash inward and use a cleaning solution and microfiber cloth to clean the windows. Dust out the window tracks as well to be sure the window mechanics are performing as they should. Double hung windows work to save time and effort in making it convenient to clean your own windows.

By Design

How do I choose a double hung window for my home? Double hung windows provide design options in their color, trim, grid and screens. They also can be made in a huge variety of shapes and sizes of panes making them ideal for a replacement project.

By Cost

Buying a double hung window will likely cost you more than a single hung version because of the additional options and moveable parts. Replacing your single pane windows with energy-efficient, Energy-Star-Rated windows can save you up to 20% on annual heating and cooling expense per year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Double hung, energy efficient windows with their ease of use and maintenance can also be an asset in your home’s resale value. The energy efficiency of these windows has the added bonus of reducing noise pollution and low-e coatings can help reduce sun damage on your interior furnishings.


Double Hung Windows For Your Home


Just how can double hung windows work for your home? Our experts at Thompson Creek can help show you how double hung windows can help to enhance the look and function of your home. With double and triple pane glass options and customized designs, you can see firsthand why double hung windows are the popular window choice for homeowners looking for value, craftsmanship and versatility.