Where to Buy Replacement Windows?

Where to Buy Replacement Windows?

It might start with a window lock that fails, or a rotting frame or you notice a draft coming from the windows. Knowing why you are replacing your windows is easy. Here’s a look at what you should know when deciding where to buy your replacement windows.

There are many benefits to replacing and upgrading your windows. You could save money on your energy bills and increase the market value of your home. The task of where to buy my replacement window may seem overwhelming. Take a look at some choices you have when deciding where to buy your replacement windows.

Replacement windows most often are made to measure into an existing window opening and installed without having to alter the home’s exterior. Other times replacement windows are part of a remodeling project when homeowners decide to swap out an old window with a different window style or size.

Choosing a big box store replacement window

Replacement windows can be tricky to buy at a bulk big box store because windows must fit the exact measurements of the window you are replacing. While large home improvement stores have several brands and styles, it is up to the homeowner to make sure the windows are an exact size for your home. Home improvement stores might be a convenient place to do an initial browsing of styles and materials of replacement windows to help in deciding the right replacement windows for you.

Because large home improvement stores don’t specialize in replacement windows, some staff may not have the same level of knowledge about the window products and replacement process as others. And the installer most often is not the same professional who sold the windows so if an issue arises there isn’t a consistent point of contact.

Choosing a window replacement company

When replacement windows is your specialty, homeowners can feel confident in getting the best advice when it comes to choosing the right replacement windows for your home. In most cases window company experts will meet you at your home to inspect your current windows to help homeowners decide if they really do need replacement windows. Window experts are also able to help homeowners navigate options available in insulated glass packages, grid patterns, exterior colors and window styles.

At Thompson Creek, it’s incredibly easy to get a free estimate of what your replacement will cost. Via our website, simply enter your zip code to begin a personal quote and get in touch with an expert. Thompson Creek services many areas in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Our window experts visit your home to take custom measurements, show sample styles and colors before providing a free, no-obligation quote that is good for a full year.

You can take a virtual tour of the Thompson Creek windows showroom from the comfort of your own home or visit a showroom to see them in person.

Replacement Windows from Thompson Creek

Headquartered in Lanham, Maryland, Thompson Creek windows are locally made, and we are committed to excellent service in the Mid-Atlantic region. From modern condominiums in DC, to the homes of Richmond Virginia, Thompson Creek has the perfect windows for you. We understand that your windows need to be custom built to your home’s unique design and the climate that you live in. A home in Virginia Beach will require protection from the salty, humid air than a home in Bethesda, Maryland, which may need more of a focus on sound-proofing effects. Every window replacement scenario is different and deserves windows that are built specifically to meet your needs.

When you’re ready for replacement windows, our window experts are here to help you navigate and set a plan of action. Visit our website for more information about the process of window replacement, and how to get started.