Colonial Style Homes & Windows

Colonial Style Homes & Windows

Timeless, traditional and symmetrical- Colonial style homes are beautiful and classic. Windows for colonial-style homes can update the look of your Colonial home while staying true to its historic nature.

What most all Colonial homes have in common are two stories and a symmetrical rectangular design. Many colonial homes also have pillars in the front for added dimension and a centered front door. Colonial-style windows continue the symmetrical theme and often have decorative grills. Bay and bow windows are popular to add dimension to the traditional façade of a Colonial home.

Over time, the colonial style has evolved and developed many different versions to fit the styles of different regions. Here are some of the most popular variations of the traditional colonial style home:

Georgian Colonial – Georgian colonial homes are one of the most popular styles in America and can withstand the test of time. Some distinguishing characteristics of a Georgian colonial home are two symmetrical chimneys and a decorative trim around and above the front door. Windows on Georgian colonials often have multi-panes and bay windows add a bit of interest.

Cape Cod Colonial – Usually located in the northeastern area of the US, this style has gable-front dormers and minimal exterior detailing. This style also usually has casement windows for added detailing on the exterior.

Spanish Colonial – Spanish colonial homes have key differences that distinguish them from other colonial styles, like their thick white stucco walls and the tendency to include a courtyard. Although the original version of this style only had one floor, Spanish colonial homes today usually have two stories. Spanish Colonial usually incorporate smaller windows with iron accents.

Dutch Colonial – The Dutch colonial home might be the most distinguishable version of the colonial style. With split doors and a sloping gambrel roof, these houses can resemble a barn house. This wide roof style allows space for a third floor, and most Dutch-style houses have them. Dormers are popular on Dutch Colonials as are flared eaves over double-hung windows.

Best Windows for Colonial Style Homes

If you’re looking to buy a classic colonial style house or modify your current home to match one of these styles, you may be wondering which window type is best. The typical symmetry of the colonial style pairs well with a double hung window. Traditional bay windows and dormer windows are also in keeping with colonial styling. It’s important to complement your home’s style with windows to match.

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