High Quality Roof Replacement Depends on More Than Just Shingles

High Quality Roof Replacement Depends on More Than Just Shingles

A roof replacement project may seem as simple as replacing your old shingles, but a high-quality roof replacement involves a lot more elements. If you’re looking into upgrading your roof, it’s good to know the layers involved to make sure your new roof has all of the necessary features. 

Roof Decking 

Roof decking is the base layer of your roof and is the first step to roof installation. The decking consists of wooden planks that make up the “bones” and shape the roof. Wooden planks or sheets are then installed over this structure to form a flat base to install the other roofing elements onto. If you wonder what’s one of the most important structural elements of your roof replacement job, you’ll find it right here at the decking element. 


The next step to a roof installation process is to install your roofing underlayment. This layer sits atop your roof deck and acts as a foundation for the rest of the roof’s features. The underlayment provides insulation for your attic, is typically made of waterproof materials, and provides extra protection from the elements. Without a properly installed underlayment, you risk providing the ideal conditions for mold growth. At Thompson Creek our roofing system includes a synthetic underlayment to protect against mold and ripping as compared to the alternative underlayment material option of felt. 


Roof flashing is a thin metal material used to protect certain vulnerable areas of your roof from water damage and other outside elements. Areas that require flashing include the base of the chimney, the valleys where two sections of your roof meet and around any vents. Flashing is installed around the joints and seams to secure these areas and provide a path for water drainage and can come in different materials and sizes. An expert roofing installation job will make sure the right flashing is used in the right part of the roof. Flashing installed incorrectly can allow water to seep into the joints and rafters. 

Starter Shingles 

Also known as strip shingles, the starter shingles are installed right before the finishing shingles are laid. Starter shingles are a thinner, generic rectangle shape, and provide a base for the visible shingles that complete the roof. When installed correctly, they shouldn’t be seen beneath the shingles but are an important in preventing shingles from being blown off the roof and helping to make your home energy efficient.  


Roof shingles are the flat, rectangular pieces that make up the top layer of the roof. Shingles are most commonly made up of asphalt and can be customized in different shapes and colors. They add an extra layer of protection and insulation, but their main function is to provide a visual appeal. At Thompson Creek we offer shingles that will last a lifetime including Timberline® Shingles and Advanced Protection® Single Technology 

There are many elements that go into your high-quality roof high that ensure proper ventilation, drainage and protection. Your roof is one of the most important features of your house, so make sure you have a reliable, skilled contractor to complete your roof installation. For more information on roofing replacements visit our website, or call us today to inquire about our high-quality roof replacements.