What is a Picture Window?

What is a Picture Window?

Summer flowers are in full bloom! When you have a great view outside, why let bars and grids block your view? A picture window may be the perfect way to bring the outdoors in with an unobstructed view.

A picture window is a stationary window, which means it doesn’t open. It is usually a large, statement window that highlights an architectural element of the home or is placed to give the perfect view of an architectural element outside the home.

As its name implies, a picture window is designed to act almost like a picture frame, framing the outdoors. It offers a great focal point for a room and offers a great natural light to a room.

What it isn’t designed to do is provide any air flow or ventilation as a double hung or casement window offers.

Picture Window Designs

Picture windows can come in all different designs. Most are custom made so you can determine the size based on the specifics of your home.

Picture windows can also be installed without grids or bars or they can include a specialty grid pattern. Depending on the personality of your home you could chose a picture window that is one large pane of glass, a great option for a contemporary home. Other traditional-style homes may opt for smaller windows that combine to make a larger window completing a classic look. You can design a window to fit an opening that has a picture window, with either double hung windows or casement windows on either side.  Thompson Creek offer French grids to Colonial grids with a full window of grid boxes. Thompson Creek also offers three different grid types that vary in bevel style. The ability to replace one damaged pane of glass instead of having to replace the entire large pane is an added benefit of this picture window design.

A Picture Perfect Window Combination

Picture windows combine beautifully with stationary windows for a bank of windows that provide both the ideal views combined with the functionality of double hung, traditional windows. Most often this combination includes a large central picture window flanked by operational windows.

Choosing the Best Window for Your Home

Windows in the home serve different purposes and it’s important to determine that purpose before deciding which type to install.

  • Double hung– Double hung windows feature a top and bottom sash that can slide vertically up and down the frame. Double hung windows provide excellent energy efficiency and ventilation. They are also easily locked to keep your home safe and secured.
  • Slider– Slider windows use a track to open and close and provide maximum ventilation when open but a view of the outdoors when closed.
  • Bay and Bow– Sometimes bay windows offer the best seat in the house. A combination of three or more windows the bay or bow window jut out from the home offering a little more interior space as well as a view from the home from three angles.
  • Awning or hopper windows– These windows have a hinge at the top to open outward and let air in from the bottom.
  • Casement– These versatile windows are great ones to pair with picture windows. They have hinges that open using a crank.
  • Garden– Much like a bay window, a garden window extends outside of the home providing light to a room but on a much smaller scale.
  • Picture- Giving your home a focal point, an architectural element and a source of natural light, picture windows.

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