Picture, Bay and Garden Windows – What’s the Purpose?

Picture, Bay and Garden Windows – What’s the Purpose?

Picture windows, bay windows, and garden windows create a feeling of spaciousness and provide extra light that mimics the outdoors. They can also highlight gorgeous scenery, such as beautifully landscaped gardens, hilltop views, or windswept plains. 

A picture window is a flat pane of framed glass, like a picture frame for outdoor views, allowing extra light inside. Bay windows are common in some historical buildings, and modern bay windows extend past a home’s exterior in the same fashion. Garden windows are similar to bay windows, though much smaller. Read on to learn more about these architecturally interesting window designs and their benefits. 

Bringing the Outside In 

What Is a Picture Window? 

A picture window gets its name from the impression it gives of framing an outdoor scene. Picture windows include some of the largest windows available for homes. Although they don’t open, they let in a vast amount of sunlight and provide enjoyable views. You can add accent windows near a picture window to have the option of allowing breezes inside. 

Picture windows are especially suited to homes with beautiful landscaping or inspiring views. They bring enough light into the house for houseplants to thrive, adding to the feeling of being in a natural setting. Having picture windows can even help you save on the electric bill, with less daytime lighting needed. Other windows in the room can provide a cross current of air, but picture windows are permanently set in the wall. They’re sturdy and hard to break, making them one of the most secure types of windows. 

What Is a Bay Window? 

A bay window is one window made of several panels of window glass that jut out from a home’s exterior wall. You can have as many panels as you like in a bay window, including enough to make a box shape and add even more space. A bow window is a bay window with enough panels to create a curve. Bay windows that are freestanding, especially large ones, can make you feel as if you’re surrounded by nature. 

The biggest selling point for bay windows is the amount of light they let in, even more than picture windows. They also add architectural interest and can be paired with bench seats to create a reading nook or extra seating. Bay windows usually have three panes of glass joined together to form the geometric shape that extends the room. The middle pane is usually larger, and the side panes may open to allow airflow. 

What Is a Garden Window? 

A garden window is another type of window that extends past the outer perimeter of a home. Kitchens sometimes have garden windows above the sink to grow herbs or display decorative items. Garden windows resemble small bay windows or tiny greenhouses. They usually have side panels that open to allow airflow, giving you the benefits of a bay window on a much smaller scale. 

Would your home be enhanced by one of these intriguing window designs? Thompson Creek installs energy-efficient picture windows, bay windows, and garden windows in many sizes and configurations. Visit us today to find out how to bring more sunshine into your home.