What’s Different About Window Grid Styles?

What’s Different About Window Grid Styles?

Window grids are one of the defining visual elements of a home’s interior and exterior. That’s why it’s important to choose the grids that serve your needs best. But do window grids serve a purpose? 

Learn more about the original use of window grids and how their role in the home has changed over the years. 

Where Form Meets Function 

While you probably know that window grids can make a dramatic visual impact, did you know they used to serve a practical purpose? Their original function was to hold together multi-pane windows, creating a surface that would keep out the weather. They were necessary because larger panes of glass were difficult to produce. 

Today, glass can be produced in larger, stronger panes, rendering structural window grids unnecessary. However, whether you include them in your home is totally up to you. 

Types of Window Grid Patterns 

There’s a wide range of window grid patterns out there, from the very simple to the ornate and complex. If you’re not sure what style will best fit your home, take a look at these options. 


If you’re going for a homey, down-to-earth look, colonial window grids may be what you’re looking for. They’re the style you probably think of first when you imagine multi-pane windows. Their design is characterized by a single horizontal grille divided by two vertical grilles. 


Prairie window grilles are the perfect choice for anyone who likes a more traditional design. This type has grilles that run a few inches from the perimeter of the window, creating a kind of frame. They’re a great way to highlight a natural landscape. 


Two-over-one window grilles are just what they sound like — two window panes over a single window pane, using a single grille on the upper half of the window. There are also three-over-one styles for a slightly different twist. 


Diamond windows are similar to grid-style window grilles but turned 45 degrees, so the grilles run diagonally. They’re a great way to add a dynamic visual element to your windows to give your home some extra character. 

The Benefits of Going Gridless 

While window grids can add an attractive visual element to your home, many people prefer doing away with them completely. Also called modern windows, the gridless look is becoming increasingly popular. 

One of the greatest benefits of modern windows is that they’re easier to clean. Rather than having to wipe dust out of window grilles and clean each pane individually, you only need to wipe down one rag. That makes it easy to keep them looking spotless. 

The other advantage is that it allows for more unobstructed light. Window grilles will cast shadows in your home, and whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you. 

Find the Right Window Grids for Your Home 

Now that you’ve seen the available styles, all that’s left is to choose the one that fits your home best. Whether you need help choosing your window style or are looking for professional installation, get in touch with Thompson Creek Window. We have the skills and experience necessary to ensure your installation goes smoothly.